Daniel's Château

Unwind in Cognac

Velvety green, warm amber, crystal-clear air.

The Cognac region is famous for its beautiful nature and the eponymous brandy. Nestled in picturesque Gensac la Pallue, a stone's throw from the city of Cognac, lies Daniel's Château de Gardemoulin.

Here, modernity meets centuries-old history.

Escape the stress of everyday life and indulge in moments of peace and relaxation at Daniel's Château and its luxurious accommodations. Enjoy the soothing effect of nature, taste the house's own Cognac, and experience true French charm.

Instant Change Events

Experience the magical power of Instant Change firsthand in France.

Taste Daniel's Cognac

Whatever Daniel takes on, he brings to perfection. The same applies to his Cognac, made from the noble grapes of the Cognac region. Velvety, full-bodied, unique.

Discover the Cognac Region

French charm has never been so diverse. Stroll through endless vineyards, experience history, and replenish your energy reserves.

Get to know Cognac now.

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