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Einer von Deutschlands
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An inspiring success story. Daniel Weinstock has made it his mission to help over a million people live happier lives. Be one of them.

Daniels Mission

Despite numerous methods and much experimentation, Daniel was still not satisfied with the effectiveness of the methods prevalent in the market. He thought, "There must be a better way." That's why he developed his own method, based on the latest research in neuroscience and quantum physics.

After eight years of development and long-term testing, he successfully brought the Instant Change Method to the market in 2019. This method leads to rapid change and emotional peak states – in no time! Instant Change Methode 2019 mit überwältigendem Erfolg auf den Markt. Diese führt zu schneller Veränderung und emotionalen Spitzenzuständen – in kürzester Zeit!

The secret of its effectiveness lies mainly in the fact that the method works holistically, addressing all 3 areas of the human system (brain, aura, and body cells), and it doesn't just address the blockage itself but also resolves the emotion behind it. Thus, it can be released without needing to be localized beforehand.

His goal: With Instant Change, he aims to help millions of people live better lives.



Daniel quits his job – he wants to finally work for himself. He wants to experience true success and make a difference.


He changes his attitude towards success. And that's an absolute game-changer for him. He starts researching Instant Change and realizes: This has never been done before.


Instant Change is a huge success. Daniel is now one of the most well-known life coaches in the German-speaking world. He moves with his family to Cognac, France. The next level is to be reached.


With Instant Change, Daniel has built an empire aimed at effectively, sustainably, and rapidly helping others. He lives in Château de Gardemoulin in France and is excited to see what else life has in store for him.

One becomes more aware of their life's purpose, overall change occurs, both in relationships and in the implementation of one's own abilities, desires, and goals.


"I feel good. I have energy, I have strength. I look forward. And I am totally happy. That's why I can only say for myself: It was the best thing that happened to me in the here and now."


"I immediately noticed how my entire system shifted to lightness. My thoughts have become lighter, my body has become lighter. I can't describe it exactly, but my goal, the one I want to work towards, suddenly seemed so much bigger than everything blocking it before, which didn't allow me to move forward properly."


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