Daniel Weinstock

Who is Daniel Weinstock?

Daniel Weinstock is among the most renowned success coaches in the German-speaking area.

Over 10 years ago, he developed the "Instant Change Method," which helped him become a top entrepreneur.

To this day, he has continuously refined and perfected this approach.

The uniqueness of this method lies in its effectiveness and speed. Instant Change is so powerful because it can sustainably alter negative beliefs and destructive behaviors in just a few moments.

What if this becomes the experience of your life as well?

The creator of the Instant Change Method

Over a decade of experience, honed to perfection.
Instant Change delivers on its promises.

Years of Experience

Seminar participants


"I felt an extraordinary impact and feel liberated from my old issues. I would definitely recommend the Instant Change Method."


"I can absolutely recommend [Instant Change]. It takes you to the next level in no time, and I'm incredibly grateful for it."


"I've noticed that I have a power, an energy that makes me wonder, "Wow, where did that come from?" Instant Change has triggered a lot within me. And that's something I want for my clients as well. That's why I've now signed up for the training."


"With Instant Change, you have the opportunity to dissolve whatever stands between you and your goal, forever. Quickly and sustainably."

Daniel Weinstock


Want to experience an Instant Change seminar live? Daniel offers a range of seminars – there's something for everyone. Say 'Yes' to Instant Change.


Conveniently from home or on the go – for those with limited day-to-day flexibility but a keen interest in thoroughly exploring Instant Change, Daniel's events are a perfect fit. Choose from a wide range of events – there's something for everyone.


Whether on the go, on your way to work, or in the evening on the couch – Daniel's Instant Change products are ready to use anytime.

Château de Gardemoulin

Experience the unique French charm of Cognac and book an unforgettable stay at Daniel's Château de Gardemoulin in the enchanting town of Gensac-la-Pallue.

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